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Veritas is a private company owned by Patti Musicaro, a Forensic Psychophysiologist (Polygraph Examiner). Patti is the most experienced female polygraph examiner in the U.K. and is a graduate of the Academy of Scientific Investigative Training (ASIT) in Philadelphia, an accredited school of the American Polygraph Association.

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Patti specialises in conducting lie detector testing on infidelity and relationship trust issues , as well as conducting tests involving theft and fraud.  Patti's company Veritas Polygraph is not a 'faceless corporation,' she offers a very personal service and Patti is the person who would conduct your test.

Patti offers lie detector tests throughout the UK, as well as any country around the world and only uses the latest state of the art polygraph instruments. Patti has conducted over 200 polygraph tests for the Philadelphia Police Department in America; as well, she has conducted polygraph tests on security forces in Iraq and on the UAE military. In 2012 Patti was featured in an 8 page article in the Sunday Times magazine about polygraph testing.

Patti is the former Secretary and current member of the British Polygraph Association (BPA), a member of the UK Polygraph Association, the American Polygraph Association (APA), and the International Society of Polygraph Examiners (ISOPE).

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